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*** UNIQUEASE Corporation is the Social Enterprise to create a job opportunity for youths and minimize the number of Children at Risk. Our company is managed by NGOs’ former beneficiaries. *** ユニカセは、青少年に雇用の機会を創出し、危険にさらされた子どもの数を減らすことを目的に設立された社会的企業です。従業員の青少年たちは、NGOなどの元裨益者で構成されています。

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Sunday Market

UNIQUEASE youth members attended Sunday Market on April 3, 2011.

We joined “Pray for Japan” because we wanted to support victims of the biggest earthquake and Tsunami tragedy in Japan. Since UNIQUEASE was established mostly by YOUTHS (former beneficiaries of Non Governmental Organizations) that were supported by Japanese people, we would like to show our appreciation to Japan through participating in this kind of fund raising for victims.
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We sold some of our foods such as Goro2 Veggie Curry, Genmai Gohan (Organic Unpolished Brown Rice), Whole Wheat Mango Bread, Organic Tomato Salad with balsamic dressing and also Coco Ice Cream which is made of coconut milk.
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In addition, we sold our Fair Trade Products such as UNIQUEASE T-shirts and Towel, and Youth products (Peanut Butter and Rice Coffee).
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We will donate a part of our sales to Japan Red Cross in order to encourage Japanese victims.

We all hope that we would give back our appreciation to the sincere supporters who have been helping us for a long time.

Vision, Mission ビジョン・ミッション

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“We the Social Enterprise envision minimizing the number of Children at Risk by overcoming challenges and accepting the meaning of life.”


“We promote healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious foods in order to fulfill a stable profit ultimately creating opportunity for Children at Risk.”







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