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*** UNIQUEASE Corporation is the Social Enterprise to create a job opportunity for youths and minimize the number of Children at Risk. Our company is managed by NGOs’ former beneficiaries. *** ユニカセは、青少年に雇用の機会を創出し、危険にさらされた子どもの数を減らすことを目的に設立された社会的企業です。従業員の青少年たちは、NGOなどの元裨益者で構成されています。

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I am Sweet Pet, 20 years old. I came from Manila City.

When I joined Pottery Workshop, my expectation was very easy to make a bowl and a plate. On the first day, while we were making a plate and a bowl, all of us were happy to make them. Although we had a body pain after finishing pottery, on the next day, all of youths were very excited to make them again. And the last day, all of youths enjoyed ourselves and were happy to complete our works.

(This is a very happy moment for all of us; Youths of UNIQUEASE family).

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